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Search Engine Submission

I recommend you submit to the major search engines no more than once a month. Personally I only submit to them every other month.

If you have the time and desire to learn how to promote the correct way use "Selfpromotion". is one of the most comprehensive sites on the internet dealing with your web presence. There really aren't words to tell you just how good this information is. Take a look. If you have the time this is the only site I use for all my major submissions. I still do the traffic exchanges and links pages from other sites.

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Traffic Exchanges and List Builders

Join as many of these as you can comfortably use. They are simply a low cost or free way to get your site seen by other Marketer's. Here is a page you can simply join from or copy and host on your website to multiply your effectiveness. These are some of the most researched, best list builders and traffic exchanges on the net.

Traffic Exchange and List Builder

Traffic Exchange and List Builder 2

FFA Page Submissions

Submit To Tens of Thousands of FAA Pages Easily For Free!

I recommend you submit to the FFA pages as often as once per day. Some say, don't do it at all, only "host" FFA pages but, I have dredged up a few associates and customers posting to FFA's and it takes very little time and effort. Personally I submit to them a couple of times a week.

You'll need to have a verified email address to use when you post to FFA's.

Open a free account at GMail to use for posting only. You will need to visit this account when you post to reply to verification notices. GMail has the most space and deletes older messages when you run out of space so FFA's won't receive bounced messages and suspend your posting.

I like linkstation; it's free, quick and easy! Good solid free promotion.

free ffa promotion

Traffic Wave GIGANTIC Free-for-all-Links Submitter

Small Biz FFA Net Links Submitter

Assorted Other

AdLandPro! Place A Free Classified Ad

Adland is a fun group to be associated with. I can't say I have gotten allot of business there, but I have gotten some respectable leads, and enjoy the ezine. When I post ads I get contacts, when I don't, I don't. Give it a try and see what you think.

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